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China Business Advisory

Interested in enhancing your business in China...we can help

Who We Are


We are seasoned corporate executives with significant background in strategy, finance, marketing, and technology.  Cumulatively we have spent nearly 20 years in China building relationships with senior Party members and central government officials developing a deep cultural understanding of how to successfully conduct business in China.



We bridge the gap. We combine our experience and our cultural learning to assist international companies in developing and managing effective strategic China partnerships. We are passionate about doing business in China.



We focus on restrictive industries where our relationships can be helpful and focus on projects that are complementary to China national initiatives in healthcare, education, pension, and clean energy.

Our approach is strategy-driven. We begin by identifying an opportunity segment. Then, we develop a business/marketing strategy jointly with our client to capture that segment.  We secure the apposite strategic China partnership(s) with Party-sponsored or government entities to support the strategy for our client.  We negotiate and structure the partnership. Finally, we gain buy-in from the strategic China partner(s) and create an operational plan to execute the strategy.