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Case Study 2

The key to successful commercial development in China is to ensure the development is aligned with the current goals and policies of the Central Governement

Our client


Two large-scale Chinese developers (one of whom is the largest developer in China) purchased a prime property (approx. 1,200 acres) in Chaoyang District of Beijing (15 minutes from the airport & Central Business District) for USD $3B. They were seeking to develop a grand project to surpass the Olympic Park spectacle. 

Domestic Tourists


120+ million domestic & 10 million international tourists travel to Beijing annually. While the historical cultural landmarks such as the Great Wall & the Forbidden City are the primary draws, we identified a market for an international entertainment complex. The concept is built upon China heritage executed with a modern sophisticated twist. 


The Project

Our concept was selected & approved by the Chinese developers. The key to approval was the recognition that Chinese culture was the center piece of the our design plan. This approach aligned perfectly with the Central Government’s view of Beijing as the country’s center of culture.

The Chinese developers committed USD $5B for the development & we were appointed as the managing development partner. We have put together an international team of renowned designers, architects, & engineers to begin initial design & feasibility (to be completed by Q4 2014)